10 Jul 2018

Meeting July 10, 2018

Date: July 10, 2018

Venue: Avari Hotel Lahore

Chair: Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khan (Director ICRIE)


  • Mr Sajjad Ahmad Qadri (Deputy Director)
  • Hadia Saqib Hashmi (Research Assistant)
  • Mr. Mubeen Butt (Research Assistant)
  • Mr. Umar Farooq Shah (Research Assistant)

The meeting was conducted to discuss the progress of running projects of ICRIE. The Deputy Director, Mr Sajjad Ahmad briefed Director ICRIE with the undergoing various research projects by Research Assistants.

As ICRIE is working with the mission to be a torch bearer in the field of Islamic Economics and Governance, The main agenda of the meeting was the 2nd Worlds Islamic Economics and Finance Conference (WIFEC 2019), which is going to be held again on 5th and 6th January 2019. Director ICRIE, Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khan took progress report and gave his valuable suggestions for conference preparation activities.

The Director liked the proposed name of the journal to be published from ICRIE with the title of “International Journal of Islamic Economics and Governance”. He hoped that the journal will be welcomed in the academic and research circles.

Another important project that is being carried out by the platform of ICRIE is the IMBA Project. It is the preparation of syllabus for “Islamic Masters of Business Administration”. ICRIE has involved its scholars and invited renowned international and national authors for their services in making of the syllabus That would be later taught at the Campus.

A Research project on the Sharia Governance Issues: A Case Study of Pakistan is in Process being conducted by its Research Assistant, Miss Hadia Saqib Hashmi.

ICRIE is also working on Microfinance Report being carried out by its Research Assistant Mr. Mubeen Butt. Mr. Umar Farooq research Assistant ICRIE, is conducting a Budget Review project.