16 Nov 2020

Islamic Finance & Fiqh Ul Mumlaat Al Maliyya Course

Alhamdulillah, successfully completed 2 Months online course on Islamic Finance and Fiqh ul Muamlaat Al Maliyya. The examination was also done online. Congratulations to whole team specially Mr Hassnian Ali, Miss Hadia Saqib Hashmi, Muneer Ahmad, Dr Fareed Ahmed Malik, Mustanir Hussain, Umar Farooq, Muhammad Hassan Abbas, Usman Tariq,. The course was duly organized by International Center for Research in Islamic Economics, ICRIE, Minhaj University Lahore. ICRIE is pleased to claim that this was the first of its kind of unique course on Islamic finance which was being offered in both languages English and Urdu. There were more than 100 registered participants from 10 countries. ICRIE adopted an innovative approach in this course that did not follow the traditional style of courses. There were more than 40 sessions on diverse topics: Islamic commercial law, Islamic finance transactions, principles of Islamic finance, Maqasid Al Shariah, Sukuks, Islamic capital market, Philosophy of Islamic finance, Shariah governance, shariah Audit, Crowdfunding, microfinance, crypto-assets, Fintech, blockchain. The sessions were delivered by more than 20 guest speakers from different countries and different institutions (academia and industry). Hereby, we acknowledge the contribution of our guest speakers and appreciate their efforts towards sharing of knowledge.

Prof M Ishaq Bhatti (LaTrobe, Australia) Dr Farrukh Habib (UAE) Dr Hakimah Yacob (Brunei) Dr Salam Ahmed Shaikh (Szabist, Karachi) Dr Rizwan Malik (AAOIF, Bahrain) Dr Bilal Zafar (SIEBF, Pakistan) Dr Fareed Ahmed Malik (Brunei) Mr. Mughees Shaukat (CBFS, Oman) Mr Muhammad Islam (State Bank Pakistan) Mufti Syed Ahmed Siraj (Pak Qatar Takaful) Mr Abubakar Siddique (IIUI, Islambad) Mr. Tahir Hassnain Butt (Bank Al-Fallah Islamic) Miss Hadia Saqib Hashmi (ICRIE)Mr. Muneer Ahmed (Bank- Al Habib)Mr Muhammad Azhar Abbasi (Shariah Expert, Pakistan)Mr Sajid Al Azhari (Shariah Expert, Pakistan)Mr Muhammad Hassan Abbas (Al-Mawakhat Islamic Mircofinance) Mr Mustanir Hussain (ICRIE) Mr Hassnian Ali (ICRIE)