International Center of Research in Islamic Economics (ICRIE) is one of the Pakistan`s premier research center established to organize research on Islamic economics, Business, Islamic banking and finance to give it a rational and scientific interpretation in the context of modern age.


ICRIE was established with the main objectives to promote Business Ethics of Islamic economics, business and Islamic finance and make it easily accessible to every member of society. Another objective is to increase and disseminate knowledge and information on Islamic economics,

Online Training Workshop

Hands on Online Training on Reference Management Software using Mendeley

Nourish your Research Skills through Tools
Hands on Online Training on Reference Management Software using Mendeley
International Center for Research in Islamic Economics, ICRIE is going to organize an online training workshop on Mendeley. An opportunity for students, scholars and researchers to learn this tool.

– How to use Mendeley?
– Features of Mendeley
– Citation and referencing styles
– Training with the practice session
– You will get a certificate with skills.

June 29, 2021


Training and Capacity Building

ICRIE’s Capacity Building initiatives are vital to promote the long-term sustainability of evidence-based decision making in economic policy space. These initiatives help the scholars in research institutes to enhance and improve their research capabilities in academics and policy making. They also empower individuals to become critical evaluators of data and evidence,
According to Jābir b. ‘Abd Allāh (R.A.), Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said:
“May Allah show mercy to a man who is lenient when he sells, lenient when he buys and lenient when he asks for payment!”

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1st World Islamic Economics & Finance Conference
The world Islamic economics and finance conference (WIEFC) is arranged by ICRIE in collaboration of with renowned and well reputed international research bodies in January every year.