International Center of Research in Islamic Economics (ICRIE) is one of the Pakistan`s premier research center established to organize research on Islamic economics, Business, Islamic banking and finance to give it a rational and scientific interpretation in the context of modern age.

Our achievement


Our Objectives

ICRIE was established with the main objectives to promote Business Ethics of Islamic economics, business and Islamic finance and make it easily accessible to every member of society. Another objective is to increase and disseminate knowledge and information on Islamic economics, banking and finance through various activities such as research and training. In addition to doing in-house research on various related topics, ICRIE also plays a facilitating role and uses various means to create knowledge in Islamic economics and finance in different organizations.

Islamic economics, Business and finance are now a discipline, which is backed by over four decades of research. Currently, it boasts of a huge body of literature dealing with multifarious themes and subthemes, such as, macroeconomic and monetary management, banking, financial instruments and markets, public finance, philanthropy, microfinance and development. These comprise research papers, articles and reference texts.

ICRIE is mandated to undertake cutting-edge research into frontier issues in the field of Islamic economics, Business and finance and issues relating to comprehensive human development in line with the objectives (Maqasid) of Shari‘ah. The Center will be pleased to answer your inquiries about the Institute and its activities.